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It's What We Do!

We’re CommSolvers, a telecommunications broker designed to help you and your company save money by negotiating directly with telecommunication carriers, getting you bottom-line pricing. With multiple telecommunication options, how can you find the one that is the best for your business? That's why CommSolvers is your trusted telecom solutions provider. With CommSolvers, you're backed by a team of full-time professionals to keep up on the latest trends, developments and technology.


We Are Your Communications


At CommSolvers, our main goal is to save your business money 

on internet and phone. CommSolvers has contacts with many carriers/vendors (Over 200) which means we can quickly acquire the quotes and information that you need - without you having to request them yourself by filling out online forms and repeating the requirements over and over.




Telecom audits are an often-forgotten way to perform indirect spend analysis, identifying “hidden” or overlooked expenditures poking holes into your monthly budget. CommSolvers will audit your complete telecommunications bills, assuring you're getting billed correctly. We know how to spot duplicate or erroneous charges. The only fees we collect would be 25% of any billing errors that are recovered. If no billing errors are found, there is no charge. We don't get paid unless you get paid!

Finding Other Technology Solutions

CommSolvers can also help with other IT Solutions, anything from networking to security systems. Please click below for more information.

About Us

Meet The Team


Steve Burian


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Steve Burian is President and Principal Managing Partner of CommSolvers, a telecom and data circuit auditing and brokerage firm located in Saint Rose IL.  Steve brings over 25 years’ experience architecting and managing communications across many industries. He has a driven ability to identify problems and quickly provide solutions to lower overhead expenses while maximizing connectivity.


17719 St. Rose Rd,

St. Rose IL


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